Sound Testing

Sound Insulation Testing is a requirement of Part E of the Building Regulations for all new build and converted dwelling that have separating walls or floors. The exception to this is where where robust details haven’t been adopted.  If you’ve not started your project yet the following links on robust details will be useful

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There are two types of sound tests:

Airborne Tests – which are carried out on separating walls

Impact Tests – which are carried out on separating floors

We advise having a survey carried out as early as possible, as issues can be onerous and expensive to remedy the further a build is. Getting tests carried out before kitchens and bathrooms are installed is advisable, make sure though all doors and windows are fitted. The walls and ceilings will need to be plastered with no holes, gaps or cracks in the walls, floors and ceilings. Power to the property is essential.

Noise Assessment for Planning Application

The Local Planning Authority (LPA) requires that a noise impact assessment is carried out if a planning application is close to a noise source, such as train lines and roads.

Aurora can assist you with these noise assessments. Following a noise survey a comprehensive technical report is submitted two the LPA this includes recommendations for noise mitigation measures, for example his could be specialised fencing or acoustic glazing or acoustic fencing). Once the build is complete measurements are taken again to demonstrate compliance.

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