What are SAP Calculations?

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Calculations are required by the Building Regulations for all newly built dwellings in the UK. A SAP Energy Rating is used to demonstrate compliance with Part L of Building Regulations and has been around since 1995.

SAP Calculations must be carried out by an Assessor which is accredited and registered with a certification body.

House builders need to establish a ‘pass’ on their SAP Calculations to comply with  the Building Regulations. if they don’t, Building Control will not sign off on the development and the property cannot be let or have a mortgage raised on it for purchase.

SAPs aren’t just for New Builds though

Extensions, conversions and even a change of use can require Heat Loss calculations via SAP software under Part L1b of the Building Regulations, hers’s some examples

• Extensions with more than 25% glazing:floor area

• Barn conversions

• Commercial to domestic conversions

• Conversion of a single dwelling into flats or apartments.

When will I need my SAP Calculation?

SAP Calculations are required at the following stages

Design Stage – SAP Calculations need to be submitted with your Building Regulations Application, without them, Building Control will not allow the project to start on site.

As-built Stage – These are produced when the building is completed and the Compliance documentation shows a Pass. Any changes from the building specification are incorporated along with your Air Test results. This is the basis of your final EPC. Without this info it is unlikely that the building will achieve Final Building Control approval.

Get in touch early

Think about SAPs early and get us involved, giving us plans part way through a build, will mean there’s not a great deal we can do to change it’s energy performance. Assessments could be done well before planning is submitted, and certainly before building regs applications.

Aurora Testing Services can offer SAP calculations across Yorkshire and the North East for homeowners, landlords and developers.

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