Pricing for SAP Calculations including Design Stage and As Built Stage and PEAs
– under 250 square metres (2690 sq ft)

Single property design calculation including PEA £245.00 per dwelling

Between 2 and 10 SAP calculations/properties including PEA £145.00 per dwelling

10+ SAP calculations/properties including PEA please contact us for pricing

Minor variation calculations £25.00 per variation


Conversions, Extensions and Bespoke

Conversions under 150 square metres (1600 sq ft) £245.00 per dwelling

Conversions over 150 square metres (1600 sq ft) £275.00 per dwelling

Extensions under 150 square metres (1600 sq ft) £245.00 per dwelling

Extensions over 150 square metres (1600 sq ft) £275.00 per dwelling

Bespoke e.g. properties over 250 square metres (2690 sq ft)  from £275.00 per dwelling


Excessive Glazing Calculations

Between £225.00 and £275.00  per dwelling


Additional Charges

Hard copy of Predicted EPC, Final EPC and Compliance Report  £25.00 (including postage)

Aborted Assessment – 75% of total charge (only applicable if the survey has to be aborted for reasons beyond the control of Aurora Testing Services Ltd – i.e. through the actions of the client.

Cancelled Assessment Fee – a fee over £75.00 will be charged if work on the repot has started, where reports are cancelled and no work has been completed, no fee will be charged.



Aurora Testing Services Ltd is committed to fair and full disclosure of information, if for any reason a conflict of interest is found then we will immediately inform you of the situation. In extreme circumstances we reserve the right to decline the instruction for the SAP Assessment and Energy Performance Certificate.


All reports will be completed using STROMA accredited FSAP software, however the reports will not be lodged or made available until payment has cleared. Once payment has cleared the documents will be forwarded by email (unless hard copies have been ordered) within 7 days of receipt of payment.