BREEAM Compliance

Our qualified technicians can assist you in obtaining credits for undertaking measurements of total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) and formaldehyde as required by BREEAM & Health Wellbeing Hea 02 – Indoor Air Quality.

Our tests are carried out by fully qualified and experienced technicians in strict accordance with the following standards:


EN ISO 16000-6: 2011 Indoor air. Determination of volatile organic compounds in indoor and test chamber air by active sampling on Tenax TA sorbent, thermal desorption and gas chromatography using MS

BS EN ISO 16000-3: 2011 Indoor air. Determination of formaldehyde and other carbonyl compounds in indoor air and test chamber air. Active sampling method;

BS EN 16017-2: 2003 Indoor, ambient and workplace air. Sampling and analysis of volatile organic compounds by sorbent tube/thermal desorption/capillary gas chromatography;

BS EN ISO 16000-4: 2011 Indoor air. Determination of formaldehyde. Diffusive sampling method.


Testing for VOCs and Formaldehyde will also bring the following benefits:


• Proof that the building is safe to use (in terms of VOC and Formaldehyde levels) at the time of project handover

• Adherence to the UKAS testing standards referenced in BREEAM, HQM and other standards

• Independent third party testing that can clearly be seen as un-biased


Is your building ready for Indoor Air Quality Testing?

Prior to the assessment out technicians  will thoroughly review the existing building plans and air management plans with the purpose of designing the most suitable and representative sampling strategy.

Consideration is taken of the proposed and likely use of the space, presence of specific construction materials, ventilation rates and size and geometric complexity of the area under consideration.